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Time is Running Out to Save Vaping

If you missed this critical Webinar, here is the link to replay:

All vapers and business owners are running out of time to take action. Don’t let vaping become a thing of the past!

This 90 minute webinar will explain the different Federal strategies, and what consumers and business owners can do to try to save the vapor industry as we know it.

Featuring: Julie Woessner, President, CASAA and Cynthia Cabrera, President, SFATA

Special guests: Gregory Conley, President, AVA and Federal Lobbyist Mike Hogan of the Alpine Group

Hosted by: Cheryl Richter, Secretary Treasurer, NVC

We’ll cover:

  • The two bills that could effectively save 99% of vaper products on the market: The Cole Bill (HB 2058) and the 2016 Appropriations Bill
  • The FDA’s Deeming Regs
  • The importance of meetings with OMB/OIRA
  • Consumers’ Call to Action
  • Industry’s Call to Action
  • Why YOU can make a difference!

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Use the map on our  State Engagement Page to click on your state
and learn more about:

  • Bills in your state
  • Sponsors of those bills
  • Find links to the full text
  • Important information about local bills
  • Dates and times of hearings
  • RSS feeds and the latest news in the Vaping community

National Vapers Club, Inc. Announces

Initial Funding of

Bystander Exposure Assessment Research Study (BEARS)

Port Chester, New York, August 10, 2015—National Vapers Club (“NVC”) was founded in 2009 as the preeminent organization to support education of the electronic cigarette to industry participants and promote responsible manufacturing of vaping products. Today, NVC ( announces it has pledged the initial seed money to support the Bystander Exposure Assessment Research Study (BEARS)…

“The anticipated results will allow Dr. McAuley and his team to fill a very large existing data gap in current scientific literature which will provide direct evidence to better understand (i) any alleged potential risks to people living in shared ventilation system buildings and (ii) whether or not concern is warranted regarding exposures to residences of non-electronic cigarette users that may living in close proximity to users and concerned over potential exposures through shared ventilation systems.”

Read the press release here.

Need proof that vaping is safe? Curious about the science behind vaping? Read these scientific studies, from Behavioral Studies to Indoor Air Quality Safety.

New to vaping? Learn the basics – from everything you need to know about e-liquid strength and flavor to how to change and fill your tank (with videos!).

New legislation is constantly arising that would senselessly ban e-cigarette use by classifying their use as “smoking” or that e-liquid contains harmful substances.

Help National Vapers Club by donating. NVC helps raise money to fund studies which prove vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. We help protect your right to vape through advocacy as well. Please help us by donating a few dollars and benefiting the community.

Join National Vapers Club and stay on top of alerts and calls to action. Help us protect your right to vape through research, education and activism.

Get involved! Help National Vapers Club be active in your local area. Help distribute information to local vape shops, volunteer to help at Vapefest, spread the word!

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