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NVC has been working very hard to bring you all of the information you need to get involved in fighting bans in your state! We have made it easy for you to call, write or tweet your legislation! No need to wait for Calls-to-Action – learn about what is going on in your state and get involved!

Each state page has sliders at the top of the page, rotate through these to find the campaign that you wish to participate in. For example, if you wish to write a letter to your legislator, you would click the “Write now, not later” campaign slider. Then enter in your information so we can locate your legislators and then follow the instructions to submit your letter to your representatives.   The same with the call or tweet campaign sliders.

Use the map on our  State Engagement Page to click on your state
and learn more about:

  • Bills being introduced in your state
  • Sponsors of those bills
  • Find links to the full text
  • Important information about local bills
  • Dates and times of hearings
  • RSS feeds and the latest news in the Vaping community
  • Coming soon – local advocacy group contact information.

National Vapers Club, INC. Changes Ownership


The Board of Directors of National Vapers Club Inc. and its former president and owner, Spike Babaian, announced that on September 30, 2014, Babaian has transferred all interest in National Vapers Club Inc. to the present board of directors and officers who have been assisting Babaian with the management of the organization for the past two years. “I am pleased that the current members of the board of directors will be responsible for the development of NVC during the next stage of its growth.  The future of the organization cannot be in better hands.” Babaian has noted.


Read the press release here.

Need proof that vaping is safe? Curious about the science behind vaping? Read these scientific studies, from Behavioral Studies to Indoor Air Quality Safety.

New to vaping? Learn the basics – from everything you need to know about e-liquid strength and flavor to how to change and fill your tank (with videos!).

New legislation is constantly arising that would senselessly ban e-cigarette use by classifying their use as “smoking” or that e-liquid contains harmful substances.

Help National Vapers Club by donating. NVC helps raise money to fund studies which prove vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. We help protect your right to vape through advocacy as well. Please help us by donating a few dollars and benefiting the community.

Join National Vapers Club and stay on top of alerts and calls to action. Help us protect your right to vape through research, education and activism.

Get involved! Help National Vapers Club be active in your local area. Help distribute information to local vape shops, volunteer to help at Vapefest, spread the word!

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