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About Us

National Vapers Club (NVC) is a consumer-based organization run and sponsored by e-cigarette users, also known as vapers. NVC encourages responsible self-regulation by e-cigarette retailers until the federal government develops regulatory standards for this consumer product. (click here for suggested regulations). The board works with renowned public health professionals to dispel the myths and falsehoods disseminated by misinformed groups and encourages smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes if they are unable or unwilling to stop smoking using FDA approved methods. NVC has contracted qualified researchers to quantify particulates in an indoor vapor air quality study (IVAQS) and is raising funds for that purpose (contribute here).

National Vapers Club MeetIn March of 2009 a small group of vapers, in Long Island, New York, formed a social club which gathered to discuss electronic cigarettes. Some of the most dedicated members of that group, when faced with a local ban on e-cigarettes, officially formed the Long Island Vapers Club (LIVC). LIVC fought the Suffolk County Legislature from April of 2009 until the fall of that year. The county was successful at banning use of the product indoors, but failed to take away the right to buy and sell the product in Suffolk County, NY. This was due to the diligent efforts of the members who put in hundreds of hours of research to learn about e-cigarettes and went back to the public hearings time after time and educated the legislators about nicotine vaporizers/ electronic cigarettes.

Vape FestIn the end of 2009, due to increasingly widespread legislation being introduced regarding electronic cigarettes, the Long Island Vapers Club was renamed and incorporated as the National Vapers Club (NVC is in the process of obtaining 501c4 not for profit status). Since that time, many local vapers clubs have formed throughout the country, many with NVC’s assistance. National Vapers Club has taken the initiative to actively work to prevent bans on e-cigarette sales and use in many states and local jurisdictions all over the the United States. (See Below) Together with the help of members the public health community, local vapers clubs and vapers like you, NVC has successfully stopped nearly all of these bans.

We are VERY thankful to ALL of you who helped us to protect YOUR right to vape!


Some things we have done to help you protect your right to vape...

~~NVC has put out numerous press releases to mass media lists, some of which have been picked up by newspapers for stories. (Special thanks to NYC Vapers Club members for your donations which helped pay for these media lists!)

~~NVC has been quoted in print news and online as experts on electronic cigarettes.

~~NVC has actively helped prevent bans on indoor use, taxation and sale/purchase of e-cigarettes in 14 states and more than a dozen cities and counties.

~~NVC has spoken with Attorneys General from multiple states who were trying to ban the use or sale of electronic cigarettes and have helped prevent them from doing so (Special thanks to justducky, synthesis and storyspin for the help!).

~~NVC has met with the offices of over 100 legislators with help from NVC members who are their constituents.

~~NVC held Vapefest, the first National gatherings of vapers anywhere in the USA in March of 2010 - Vapefest  raised thousands of dollars for vaping research. (Thanks to all who donated and attended!)

~~NVC has helped many local vapers clubs get set up and have their first meetings.(Thanks to all the club leaders who did such a great job volunteering your time to organize these meets!)

~~NVC organized raffles at LI and NYC Vapers Club meetings which raised thousands of dollars in the past 4 years which has helped us continue to function and protect your rights. (Special thanks to the NY/NJ/CT members who contributed!)

~~Our members have distributed informational flyers at bars, restaurants, concerts and events all over the country. (Thanks to ALL the members who help educate the public!)

~~NVC created a nicotine vaporizer medpack to educate the doctors and the medical community.

~~NVC created a legislature packet to educate the lawmakers about vaping.

~~NVC made a video to teach NVC members how to explain the legislature packet to their local lawmakers. (Special thanks to DW and ridewithme38 for the help on that)

~~NVC has also been quoted in dozens of news articles, 2 dissertations on e-cigarettes & 1 book.

~~NVC was quoted in Murray Laugesen's letter to the WHO about e-cigarettes.

~~NVC was quoted by Joel Nitzkin in a petition to the FDA in regards to electronic cigrettes.

~~NVC attended the SRNT conference and educated nicotine and tobacco scientists and researchers, showed them e-cigarettes and how they work and provided documentation and scientific studies about e-cigarettes.

~~NVC has held more than a dozen mod auctions and raffles to raise nearly $10,000 for vaping research.

~~NVC funded a survey done by Vapers International Research Group under advisement of Murray Laugesen.

~~NVC filmed a video which we hope will help educate the public which is posted on Youtube (Thanks to all who participated with special thanks to Wisconsin Vapers Club!).

~~In January 2010, the NVC helped members of CASAA and Right to Vape form the Vapers Coalition which was a collaborative effort to protect your right to vape.

~~In July 2010 NVC spoke at the Northampton, MA public hearing to ban e-cigarette use indoors.

~~In August 2010 NVC spoke at the Albany County hearing to ban e-cigarette use indoors.

~~NVC filed an Amicus Brief in support of Njoy in the FDA vs SE/Njoy appeals case.

~~NVC contributed funds to send someone to Savannah, GA to speak at their indoor ban hearing.

~~NVC addressed Maryland Legislature about a ban.

~~NVC was quoted on the front page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch in a story on Midwest Vapefest which brought many smokers to the world of vaping.

~~NVC was quoted in an article that was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and had a significant amount of input into the story.

~~NVC held Philly Vapefest.. the largest gathering of vapers at that time and has had 6 Vapefests over 3 years which raised funds for e-cigarette research.

~~NVC successfully completed the IVAQS Project which has been cited in many other research papers and has ben used to prevent bans all over the country.

~~Addressed the FDA Center for Tobacco Products at the MRTP Workshop

~~Advised numerous researchers on proper protocol and methodology.

~~Consulted with many vendors to help them start new e-cigarette companies to grow the vaping community.