Welcome to the National Vapers Club!

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How to Set Up a Local Vapers Club

Step 1 - Go to either www.e-cigarette-forum.com

Step 2 - Register and log in

Step 3 - Post enough posts to pass temporary status (3? 10?)

Step 4 - Go to the Social Group Forums. Check for a local group in your area and if you do not see one, start one up.

Step 5 - Post a thread calling for members from your area to post a responce and then browse the forum and send private messages to all members in your local area. There may be a thread in the social groups section called "******* Vapers" with the name of your state or local area. This would help you to find the other vapers in your area.

Step 6 - Invite all members in your local area to be in the social group on the forum and encourage them to give their email addresses so you can notify them when and where the meeting is.

Step 7 - Go to local places and use your ecig to see where they are ecig friendly. Speak to a manager at the restaurant/bar where you go. Explain that it is legal to use indoors (except in New Jersey and Suffolk County, NY) and ask if they would mind if you bring some fellow vapers there. Then decide on a date and time. Post the info for the meeting in your subforum/social group and also send it to me and I can put it up here for you as well.

Step 8 - Write to any supplier you have a good relationship with or may have bought from before or who may be local to you and might want to attend the meeting. Ask them if they have any "extra" stuff that you can use as a raffle prize. Most suppliers have excess of a certain flavor of liquid or have kits where the parts are different colors or have things they got to sample that they may not sell and might be willing to donate.

Step 9 - Buy/get raffle tickets from a stationary store and let members know there will be a raffle and tickets will be $5 each if they would like to participate. Let them know they should bring at least $5 to contriute as a tip for the server even if they do not eat since the meetings tend to run 4 or 5 hours you must tip appropriately so you will be invited back!

Step 10 - Let members know that you will provide papertowels and a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol to sterilize devices before others try them to prevent illness and germs.

Step 11 - Remind members to bring any juice they may not like so they can trade someone for something they may like.

Step 12 - Send a private message reminding people (or you can post asking them to message you their email addresses as well) of the date the week before the meeting and ask if they plan on coming so you know how many to make the reservation for. Email or message them again the day before the meeting as a reminder.

Step 13- Pack up your PV's and head off to your first meeting!

Funds collected from the raffle can either be used to donate to the location where you hold the meeting (if there is a charge for the space or if it is your first meeting and you want to offer them something to encourage them to have you back) or you can split it between the location and the National Vapers Club to contribute to Vaping Research.

In order to be listed as a subchapter of National Vapers Club, you must contribute a nominal fee of $20 to NVC every month (or after each meeting) and in return National Vapers Club will mail out an email to our mailing list for your state and surrounding area and post your meeting date on our website.

If you have questons or we can help in any way, please contact us at... info@vapersclub.com